How Humane Rx Cards Work

Who negotiates the prescription discounts? Who pays for this program? How do cards work?

Free prescription discount cards have saved consumers billions of dollars since their introduction, yet many medical providers and consumers still don’t understand how these cards work, where to get them, or both. The blame for this lack of understanding can be place on two things – “There’s no such thing as a free lunch”, and “If it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably not true”!

The truth is that these cards aren’t really “free” – pharmacies fund them. They agree to give prescription discounts to bring customers into their stores that may not otherwise come in, and they pay us a small fee each time a card produces a discount for our cardholders. They get the business, the customer gets a discount, we get our small fee, and everyone’s happy.

Who negotiates the prescription discounts?

Discounts are negotiated and processed through pharmacy benefit management companies. These companies manage prescription drug plans for employers, insurers and other large groups. Because of the volume they bring to the table, they’re able to negotiate lower drug prices and make money by reducing costs for health plan sponsors and their members.

Who pays for this program?

Consumers are struggling to afford prescriptions, more than ever before, with many never being filled at all. Unfilled prescriptions generate no pharmacy traffic and zero store revenue! Pharmacies are willing to give consumers a reduced price, and also pay us a small fee, to increase pharmacy their traffic, which ultimately boosts store revenue, reinforces brand-loyalty, and improves customer retention and medication adherence.

How do Humane Rx Cards work?

Cards give consumers immediate access to discounted prescription prices, which in most cases are lower than the pharmacy’s best price. Consumers save up to 75%, on brand and generic drugs, when filling or re-filling prescriptions. Cards contain no personal information, and can be used by anyone, with or without insurance (e.g. people paying full-price, those with co-pays, deductibles, or lapses in their coverage). When a card is presented to the pharmacy, the BIN, PCN, Group, and Member ID, are entered into the pharmacy’s computer, which pulls up our pre-negotiated price list. Consumer gets whichever price is the lowest. Cards don’t work at the same time as insurance, but they may provide a better price than a co-pay.

Cause Rx Donates $2 For Each Discounted Prescription

Cause Rx Donates $2 For Each Prescription Discounted with the Humane Rx Card.

Who provides the Humane Rx program? 

Cause Rx, a national prescription discount card provider, provides this program as a way to improve medication access to consumers, and to help fund worthy causes in the communities they serve. Everyone wins with the Humane Rx Card program – there are no losers.

How do Animal Charities Benefit? 

Each time a prescription is discounted, by using the Humane Rx Card, $2 is donated back to the animal charity on the card. The more a charity is able to get the cards out into their community, the more people they’ll help, and the more revenue they’ll generate to help them fund their cause. This mutually beneficial relationship helps us educate the public, (both health-care providers and consumers), about the benefits of free prescription discount cards, while also raising the public’s awareness of the organization’s mission in the communities they serve.

Animal charities can enroll online, free-of-charge, or by calling 1-855-558-PETS (7387).

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