Humane Rx Card Fact Sheet

Information about the Humane Rx Card for Medical Providers & Consumers

Fact Sheet for Medical Providers & Consumers

General Info

  • Humane Rx Cards are pre-activated for immediate discounts, up to 75% off, on all FDA-approved brand and generic drugs for both human and pet prescriptions.
  • Average cardholder savings is 45% off the pharmacy’s regular price.
  • Savings percentage discounts are higher on generic drugs. Brand-name drugs, while still discounted, are not discounted as much as generics.
  • Use at up to 60,000 pharmacies nationwide, including CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart, Target, Kmart, Kroger, Publix, Winn Dixie, Giant Eagle, and many more.
  • Everyone qualifies to use the Humane Rx Card – there are no exclusions, age, residency, income, or insurance requirements. Cards never expire and are reusable.
  • Humane Rx Cards are provided, at no cost, to help the community better afford their prescriptions. This is not a mail order program.
  • This program is funded by a small fee that Cause Rx receives, paid by the dispensing pharmacy, on every prescription discounted with the Humane Rx Card. There is never any added cost to consumers to use a Humane Rx Card to get a discount.
  • Cause Rx makes a $2 donation, for each discounted prescription, to the animal charity listed on the card.  
  • Cards can be used to get discounts on many over-the-counter items, such as diabetic supplies and pre-natal vitamins, when prescribed by a doctor’s prescription.
  • Cards provides discounts on drugs not covered by prescription insurance, during a lapse in coverage, while working to meet a high deductible, or while waiting for benefits to start.
  • Humane Rx Cards can be shared, copied, or loaned to others. There’s no personal cardholder information on a card. They’re “generic” in nature, and can be used much like a coupon.
  • Consumers can print free cards online, request a discount code by phone, or get cards by mail by visiting, or by calling 1-855-558-PETS (7387).
  • Consumer privacy is protected by HIPAA-privacy regulations and is respected 100%. Information is not shared, sold, or used for any other non-related purpose.

How to Use the Humane Rx Card

  • Present the Humane Rx Card to the pharmacist and ask for discounts on a new or refilled prescriptions.
  • Consumer questions or questions about enrolling an animal charity in the Humane Rx Card program can be directed to Customer Service at 1-855-558-PETS (7387). This number is printed on every Humane Rx Card.

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