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Save on Prescriptions, Help the Cause! (SM)

Cause Rx - Save Money...Help the Cause! (SM)Our Cause

At Cause Rx, your cause is our cause! The current economic climate has had a profound effect on donations to many worth-while causes in communities nationwide.

In exchange for organizations working with us, to reach communities across America with the important message about the dangers and high cost of medication non-adherence, we’re willing to share the revenue generated, with our prescription discount card programs, back with those organizations that help us promote the free cards to those that they serve.

Medication non-adherence (not taking medications as prescribed) is America’s “other drug problem”, and is at epidemic levels in America. Estimates place the cost of non-adherence as much as $300 billion dollars annually in unnecessary medical expenses, including emergency room visits, hospitalization, and additional doctor visits.¬†More importantly, medication non-adherence is the cause of 125,000 deaths annually.

There are many reasons for medication on-adherence, and not being able to afford medications is a major one. Our prescription discount card programs help to remove the financial obstacles that keep people from getting their prescriptions filled at their local pharmacy, making prescriptions more affordable for everyone, and contributing to improved community medication adherence levels and overall health.