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For each prescription discounted with this card, Cause Rx donates $2.00 to the animal charity listed the Humane Rx Card. You save, they benefit, everyone wins!

High Prescription Costs Contribute to Medication Non-adherence

Nurse consulting patient about prescriptions.Medication non-adherence kills 125,000 people a year[1], and adds an extra $290 billion dollars on to our nation’s health care bill.[2]  A recent Commonwealth Fund Biennial Health Insurance Survey found that in 2012, 50 million adults, ages 19-64, failed to fill a prescription because of financial difficulty, up from 48,000,000 in 2010.[3]

Medication non-adherence is increased when people can't afford their prescriptions.

Consumer Reports found that almost half (47%) of patients are unwilling to discuss financial difficulties with their doctor; and 68% are uncomfortable discussing them with their pharmacist.[4]  In a survey of 2,400 CVS pharmacists, 62% believe that high prescription drug costs are the primary reason why an estimated one third of their customers fail to fill their prescriptions.[5]

Humane Rx Cards Provide Immediate Help

The Humane Rx Card improves prescription affordability for everyone, regardless of insurance status, by providing immediate prescription discounts on both brand and generic medications, available at most pharmacies nationwide, including CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and more. Consumers can print a free Humane Rx Card, present it to their pharmacist, and get savings, up to 75% off. Anyone can use the pre-activated cards, which never expire. There’s no paperwork, exclusions, or hassles, to get a Humane Rx Card, which contain no personal information and can be shared with anyone.

HCommunity benefits of the Humane Rx Card program.umane Rx Program Gives Back to the Community

In addition to providing consumers with help, each time the Humane Rx Card produces a discount for the cardholder, Cause Rx donates $2 to help support animal charities.  The more the public uses the cards to save, the more help we’re able to provide to help these organizations to meet the needs of their clients.

Animal charities can register, free-of-charge, to benefit from the Humane Rx Card program, by offering the free Humane Rx Card to their communities. Cards are 100% free to consumers to obtain. There’s absolutely no down side to this project – only benefits.

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